Wardrobe 78" with Sliding Doors

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  • 2 HANG BAR LEVELS: One bar holds longer items like dresses and coats, and the other hang bar holds shirts, jackets, pants, and shorter items.

  • 4 STORAGE SHELVES:  Wide and roomy, these shelves can hold your folded clothing, attractive storage boxes, pillows and linens, and other items!

  • INCLINED SHOE SHELF: Slanted shelf holds your favorite shoes in place for display and easy access.

  • HANGING DRAWER: 19” drawer is perfect for storing smaller items, and has a metallic slide roller system that makes opening and closing easy!

  • VARIETY OF DOOR PANEL COLORS: Solid colors like White Matte and Cappuccino, rich woodgrains like Curtis Oak and River Oak, and luxuriously elegant White Gloss, Black Gloss and Mirrored door panels allow you to complement your room!

When you know where to find your clothing and accessories each morning, the day just starts off on a better note! This two panel sliding door wardrobe system is the perfect choice for housing the variety of things you store in your closet. There are two hang bars, at different heights. One bar is in a longer section, designed for dresses and coats, and the other bar is wider, yet shorter, built for shirts, jackets, pants and shorter items. There are wide, roomy shelves that are perfect for folded shirts, sweaters, shoes, and storage boxes, as well as bedroom linens and extra pillows. An inclined shoe shelf provides easy access to your favorite footwear that can be seen at a glance to match with your outfit for the day! A 19” drawer can hold belts, scarves, and other accessories, and has a metallic sliding roller system that is easy to open and close. You have a variety of options for the color of your door panels, so you can customize to your room décor! Choose from White Matte, Cappuccino Gloss, Curtis Oak and River Oak woodgrains, and luxuriously elegant White Gloss, Black Gloss, and even mirrored panels that expand your room visually and make it easy to check your outfit before leaving for the day! Organized, Elegant, Exceptional!

  • Brand: Parisot
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